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Big Data. Santander Bank

Market Monitoring


36 months of collaborative work

Supervision of 7 entities within the corporation

12 data sources under supervision


Identifying suspicious behaviour to act before damage occurs

Financial players in today's real-time markets need to quickly spot conduct in their operations that could constitute potential market abuse and act on it fast. They need an electronic monitoring and supervision system that allows them to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements while being flexible in order to adapt to changes in them.

Our system provides operational monitoring for multiple types of financial assets through a broad catalogue of already implemented scenarios or strategies enabling multiple on-the-spot configuration options to adapt to changes in specific data or needs.


Confidence in results

  1. 01

    Global monitoring

    Monitoring of operations in 7 areas within the firm.

  2. 02

    Full coverage

    Analysis with multiple scenarios regarding transactions in 15 types of financial assets.

  3. 03

    Full insight

    Monitoring of alerts and results both globally and locally.


Technology focused on success

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