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At the height of the sector's consolidation in Europe, with hundreds of operators instead of four in the USA, or three in China, the sector is undergoing a transformation. The main challenge for operators is to achieve a different customer experience by providing greater value while ensuring a reduction in operating costs through three connected principles: digitisation, simplification and efficiency.

Customer knowledge based on robots and digital observation solutions allows for better targetisation of customers, better targeted actions at the right time, and knowledge of their journey and associated experience.

Digitisation as the driving force behind business growth through digital channels that will provide access to a greater volume of customers and offer additional knowledge on them.

Improving the efficiency of operations in pursuit of cost savings and acceleration of results (elimination of errors, agility in implementation and alignment with the business).

As partners in telecommunications operators, our mission is to win the hearts of our clients and our team, transforming their challenges into an excellent digital experience through a 100% connected society.

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+30 years

experience working in the sector

Telecom 2020-25 strategic plan

with the goal of multiplying revenue x5

+120 people

working on transformation projects worldwide

The model is transformed: digitisation, simplification and efficiency

In the midst of the transformation of the sector, with competitive pressure and a trade war to attract the very best client, the concentration of the sector, the sale of both fixed and mobile assets to raise funds, partnerships in search of new models for the deployment of infrastructures with a deteriorated traditional business that is low in revenue and profitability, telecommunications operators continue to launch new value-added services, thanks to their innovative capacity, improving the value mix with the consequent growth in ARPC in a market with great pressure on price.

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