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 Babel Energy and Utilities. Landscape of a wind farm

Energy and Utilities

The global energy market is evolving towards a more open and competitive approach, which means that large companies must completely change their business models in order to continue to play a leading role in the future.

The empowerment of consumers, their communication habits, and use of technology require new ways of managing and organising marketing, which end up having an impact on the entire value chain.

+17,000 km of infrastructure

Our clients manage +50 million supply points

+ 8,000 million readings a year


New capabilities for new scenarios

New scenarios should take into account general factors such as climate change, the acceleration of urban development, demographic changes and technological advances. There are also disruptive factors that must be closely followed, such as the new behaviour of the residential consumer and SMEs, the new distribution channels, the new production service models and, of course, the new governments and regulations that have an impact on the economic model and financial performance of investments.

Of all these factors, BABEL brings its capabilities and experience in the field of digital technologies to energy marketing and distribution network management activities.


Propuestas de valor en Energía y Utilities