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Babel Security and Defense. Airstrip with various military aircraft.

Security and Defense

Our contribution to a safer country, innovating through digital transformation, building and integrating information systems.

We assist in the ongoing transformation of our Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies and Armed Forces, along with private security companies, collaborating in strengthening the system of technological capabilities to effectively and efficiently address present and future threats.

+ 30 years working

with the Armed Forces and Security Forces

+40 thousand users

of the Integrated mission critical systems

+100 thousand guards

operating with our technology

We support the transformation of the Security and Defence sector

The defence industry is a strategic sector, as our defensive capacity depends to some extent on the products and services it provides, but also on its economic and technological value.

State security is confined to the Public Administration security forces, and the primary goal of the information systems is to allow the National Police Force and the Civil Guard to do their job of safeguarding the rights, freedoms and security of citizens in a more efficient and effective manner.

Large private security firms have evolved from traditional surveillance companies to companies that collect and manage security data and offer their customers real-time operational and strategic information in the form of dashboards with indicators and heat maps. This innovation also involves obtaining this increasingly automated information, supplementing the work of guards with cameras and sensors that relay events which are processed to generate alerts.

Security and Defence value proposition