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ORION. If your customers are digital, remember that the onboarding experience should be 100 % digital

Today, all customers in any business value not having to travel to the offices to obtain services very highly. This was very complicated several years ago. The law did not allow it, and technology was not ready, but today it is a must for any company wanting to do business with its digital customers.
Our clients begin their experience from the first time they contact us, so it is essential to adapt it to each customer, with premises in terms of UX, the law, shaping of digital identity, and considering B2C and B2B2C experiences.
Our onboarding solution reduces market launch times while offering unlimited integration possibilities and utilities for monitoring, decision-making, and assisting clients at any given time.


Implemented in several financial institutions

Conversion data improvement

Greater knowledge of your users



ORION is a solution that arose from the need of several of our clients to adapt their traditional contracting processes to digital onboarding. BABEL always wants to help its clients, and this is now used as a solid basis for working with any client with similar needs. Several evolutions have been made according to the local environment and regulations of each country, and we integrate the solutions of our partner Electronic ID, one of the world's leading lights in terms of shaping digital identity.

Babel Products Solutions Orion. Dashboard screen seen from a laptop