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Babel Products Solutions Dogma.

DOGMA. Strategic platform to take an organisation fully digital

Our tech platform to accelerate the digitisation of administrative processes in a multi-sector context.

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End-to-end digitisation

Entry point for knowledge on the organisation

Knowledge integration


Why Dogma?

Administrative procedures begin and end with documents and in most cases receive or generate additional ones throughout the process.

Management software applications (ERPs, CRMs, legacy apps) guide the process, generally on the basis of data manually entered by users.

When documents are digitised, the administrative process/document relationship is limited to a link.

Not all affected parties are management app users, and files and case localisation and searches are limited to just a few fields.

The difficulty in quickly retrieving knowledge around files, projects or invoicing ultimately results in new modification requests regarding management systems, leading to additional costs, increased maintenance outlay and a perception that runs up against the organisation’s ideal of a digital business.

Babel Products Solutions Dogma.Personnel in a logistics company checking inventory

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    Tracking guarantee for users

    A single point houses all information and searches can be expanded across the entire content, pushing past management system limitations in terms of search capability and content users, who are not the users of the management systems or apps. This powers simpler and more direct access with a bottom-up approach to the architecture or functional organisation of management apps.

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    Cost reduction and simplification of IT resources

    Reducing management system users to more dedicated profiles, separating groups of occasional users or those limited to querying and reporting, can deliver significant savings in licensing costs and system sizing.

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    Interoperability with the organisation’s IT ecosystem

    The platform’s skills in terms of integrating with other corporate apps and systems has become a cornerstone of its capability and an outcome in itself. Our background in private security helped us lay the groundwork in our platform to ensure compliance with the requirements demanded by the regulations and the Private Security Act.