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Babel Transports Subway. Gran Vía subway station in Madrid
Transport. Madrid Subway Authority

Public service, efficiency and customer experience

Assisting Metro de Madrid since 2008, contributing to its goals of contributing to the public.

5th Suburban network in the world

+650 million users/year

7,000 employees


Over 10 years providing safety management solutions to the Madrid Subway Authority, adapting to the circumstances of devices in Metro environments.

Since the Madrid Subway opened on 17 October 1919 with the inaugural journey by King Alfonso 13th, the first line opening with eight stations and covering four kilometres, we have seen unstoppable growth. It now has more than 300 stations and covers over 290 kilometres. But there is a basis that has never ceased to direct the activities of the Madrid Subway Authority over the past 100 years: security.

Babel Transportes Metro. Panorámica del interior de una cabina de metro repleta de pasajeros