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Babel Alsa Transports. Front part of a bus.
Transport. Alsa

We built and improved the main online sales channel for the country’s largest passenger transport company

ALSA offers the most comprehensive network of regular, quality road passenger transport services tailored to user requirements. These services are supplemented by the use of the most modern technologies, and Babel supports its technological development by improving the group’s corporate website, which is its main online sales channel.

11 years working together

ALSA’s top online sales channel

Volume of pages viewed per hour: 88,000


Website for the largest passenger transport company in Spain and one of the largest worldwide

In the road passenger transport sector, ALSA owns the most comprehensive network of services both nationwide and internationally, operating a wide range of quality services.

The ALSA Group’s corporate website is the main information and sales tool for passengers of domestic and international transport, and offers a multitude of additional services such as the purchase of insurance, combined tickets with rail, air or rental vehicles, as well as access to loyalty schemes and promotions.

Babel Transportes Alsa. Interior de un autobús repleto de pasajeros

The website is ALSA’s top online sales channel in terms of volume

The journey we started with ALSA in 2009 has taken us to many destinations nationwide, developing websites for tourist bus services and metropolitan urban transport, and some international destinations such as ALSA websites in Morocco or Puerto Rico.

BABEL is excited about the possibility of reaching new destinations with ALSA and helping give its passengers a better experience and access to our outstanding services for customers.

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