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Transport and Logistics. Adif

Adif, a key player and driving force of the Spanish railway sector in the European context

We are implementing an IoT solution that manages security in the Adif railway infrastructure. Our solution provides integrated security management, covering stations and infrastructure and allowing for centralised control from various geographic locations.

Management of high-speed and conventional lines

Medium-long distance station and infrastructure assets

Provision of services to rail transport operators


Terrorism, natural disasters, health pandemics and cyberattacks. Security is key.

Security is one of the key elements of any critical infrastructure today. We have seen over recent years how attacks, natural disasters, and health pandemics have put these installations at risk. Furthermore, the opening up of information systems to society in order to provide different service information puts these infrastructures at an even greater risk of cyberattacks.

Security on tracks and in stations and other infrastructures required to conduct the railway business in Spain is one of the areas of responsibility of ADIF.

In an overall activity that coordinates numerous human resources nationwide, the thousands of devices of different types, technologies and manufacturers provide a lifeline for millions of signals a year to be managed in real time.

In terms of our IoT technology, we have been developing an experience on the railway infrastructure for over 12 years, during which time our platform has evolved, guaranteeing full availability for 24/7 demand with high real-time requirements.

All these factors mean that a strict control is required of the operations performed in railway infrastructures.