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Babel Security and Defense Navy. Image of an aircraft carrier.
Security and Defense. Spanish Navy

Committed to achieving Navy 4.0

We provide advice to the Logistics and Human Resource areas

+ 30 years maintaining the Information Systems

, meeting the goals set with high quality standards.

+ €1500 M in inventory management

(Virtual Warehouse) and + 750,000 catalogued materials.

+200,000 orders per year

managing the full Supply Chain cycle.

We help support units and the selection of the scarcest resource, the personnel

We have been working with the Navy for over 30 years and form a cornerstone for support of the Office of Logistics Support, the Personnel Management, Schools, and the Economic Affairs Management.

We establish the incorporation of information technologies into an organisation with over 500 years of history, driving its evolution towards the 21st century, working on the future Navy 4.0 and its integrated Logistics project associated with the Digital Twin of the naval units.

We maintain the integrated material management system of the Spanish Navy, which combines all logistics operations regarding any type of material (spare parts, equipment, paint, office materials, fuels, lubricants, sustenance, ammunition and engines) in a common procedure.

This application manages the centralised cataloguing, procurement and storage functions. It deploys communications with systems in other countries worldwide for weapons-related spare parts orders.