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Babel Social Security and Employment Social Security. Detail of some hands of an elderly couple
Social Security and Employment. Social Security

Developing Social Security towards a new sustainable model

We have been involved in the digitisation of the Social Security right from the start. Today we have strengthened the system and continue our journey towards a new era in which digital transformation will ensure the efficiency of all Social Security management bodies.

+10M pension payments

We take part in their monthly generation.

+164,000M budget

managed in the systems we build

+30 years technological and functional


Providing service to all Social Security Managing Bodies

The Social Security is the Spanish Government’s protection system for its citizens. Through a series of social and economic services, it covers the common needs of society.

Its functions as an entity include, among many others, administering the public funds made available to it by the State, granting different subsidies and benefits, and establishing internal control mechanisms to guarantee compliance with current law and reporting its economic management to the Court of Auditors.

Babel Social Security and Employment Social Security. An elderly couple sitting on a bench looking at the horizon


Modernisation should simply involve doing things better than before. In an analysis that helps summarise this, there are two mainstays: processes and technology. Ultimately, modernising involves changing the working culture from these two viewpoints in a harmonised, result-oriented manner.

BABEL is committed to a Social Security working model based on two paradigms:

  • Process-based management model
Organisation, Data, Systems and Services coordinated in Processes and supported by a continuous improvement cycle based on the measuring of results form the basis of this new working model.

  • New Architecture
Re-use, service and micro-service orientation, agile methodologies, continuous delivery are Babel’s proposal for a New Architecture that will support future systems.
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