BABEL offers you much more than a simple job. We propose you a work environment where you will be the principal actor and you will guide and manage your professional career:

Design your own professional project

We offer a stable, long-lasting but challenging project. Where the objectives are established by each person depending on their aspirations, skills, and personal and professional motivations.

Enter a close and friendly working environment

We are an organization managed using transparency, close treatment, honesty and courage in choosing people, offering them opportunities and challenges. We are constantly seeking new ways of doing things, but always keeping its essence intact.

Share a culture where there are no bosses or subordinates.

We encourage autonomy, responsibility, decision-making, well-organized teamwork and solidarity. The best example comes from the monthly benefits that the company makes. That is to say the result of everyone's work are distributed evenly between workers and owners.

Live the international experience

At the moment, we have offices on three continents and five countries. This means, for whoever wants to, developing an international career working with colleagues in different countries, with different languages, cultures and ethnicities, but sharing a calling for technology.

Evolve along with us

We are constantly evolving and expanding thanks to our young, ambitious and flexible spirit. We offer opportunities to those who have the courage to take on the adventure of seeking them. In the end, you miss all the shots you don't take.

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