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Babel RPA Geoban. Detail of a hand interacting with a hologram with the word "RPA"
RPA. Geoban

We help redesign, improve and automate operations processes for Geoban

Redesign, improvement and automation of operational processes for Geoban (Banco Santander).

  • RPA

Cost savings

It went from making temporary contracts for 300 people in specific periods of the year to being able to carry out the operation with a smaller and more stable workforce.

International Project

Portugal, England and Poland

Efficiency and productivity


It all started with a call…

It all started with a call one Friday afternoon from one of our contacts at Geoban. They had a big problem. Every year they had several peaks of work over the year, forcing them to hire around 300 people, train them for two months, have them working for another three, and then fire them. This was extremely expensive, as the entire training process had to be repeated during each campaign.

The following week, a BABEL team travelled to Lisbon to do a proof of concept by automating a small web process using a test automation tool. They thought it could work... and that's where it all started.

Babel RPA Geoban. Photomontage of a simulation of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" between a man and a robot

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