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Babel Legacy Modernisation IMI. Team rowing towards the same direction
Legacy Modernization. Municipal Institute of Information Technology for Barcelona City Council (IMI)

Technological upgrading of a system not only depends on technology

The working and communications protocol forms the basis for the success of a project for migration from obsolete to updated environments



Based on 717,789 Natural modules

Team of +70 people

226 critical chains are tested


When the Core is hosted in an obsolete infrastructure

Barcelona City Council's IT Institute had the problem that its core applications are hosted in obsolete infrastructure. It decided to modernise them, as they will remain hosted in them for some time to come.

This is a multidisciplinary and multi-enterprise team project with the task of migrating and updating the obsolete hardware and software, minimising the risks and impact on users and IMI operations, highly critical applications (finance, fines, collection, property register, accounting, payroll, etc.) with high volumes.

Replacement of infrastructure parts. Migration of valid application software (Natural, PLI, JCLs) only. Coordination of IMI RFs and AMs. Complex infrastructure and external connections.

Babel Legacy Modernisation IMI. Panoramic of a landscape with the detail of a hand holding a glass sphere that shows the landscape turned upside down

Technology focused on success

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