Customisable platform which integrates the most typical and necessary processes in the management of outsourced software or IT service factories, from the management of the claim to the visual control panels, through the component-based automated estimation, approval flows, invoicing or management of deadlines and incidents.

  • Reliable
  • Target
  • Use cases
  • Flexible
  • Facilitates communication between all those involved in the projects.

  • Is a centralized repository for accessible and usable information.

  • Adapts to the different profiles and levels of the company.

  • Increases productivity while facilitating the automation of many phases in the manufacturing process.

  • Facilitates the planning of costs and investments.

  • Measures the productivity of different factories and manufacturing teams.

  • Integrates control panels in order to manage the load of factories and prioritize the allocation of work.

  • Facilitates the establishment of a competitive environment in costs and in quality while allowing for the global measurement of common indicators.

  • Automates invoicing management.

Big corporations of any sector who have their developments outsourced or want to outsource them both in Factory form and in AM form.

  • Need to outsource developments in order to reduce costs and increase the quality of the products.

  • Need to improve the management of outsourced developments.

The platform is developed using Java and is based on Spring and Hibernate versus Oracle.

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