SAP Business ByDesign

BABEL, as a SAP Cloud Platform Partner, presents an ERP and CRM Cloud solution called SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD). It can be used to manage an entire business with a single cloud solution.

This solution is ideally designed and targeted at mid-market companies and subsidiaries of large corporations under a SaaS model to support marketing, sales, customer service, procurements, provisioning, supply chain management, production, financials, human resources and business analytics, among other departments.

¿What is SAP ByD?

SAP ByD Description

  • Reliable
  • Distribution
  • Internacionalization
  • Services
  • Pharma
  • Flexible
  • Agility. With SAP ByD and the associated implementation method developed at BABEL, we can significantly reduce the effort and time a company needs to incorporate it into its operations.

  • Adaptability. With SAP ByD we deliver benefits from the first day and power the change involved with rolling out a new solution for your stakeholders: employees, customers, providers, business partners, etc.

  • Security, scalability and availability. With SAP ByD we ensure maximum security in the protection of your information as well as solution growth in line with your organisation’s needs and always with high availability and performance.

  • We optimise TCO. With SAP ByD we ensure the protection of your medium- and long-term investment, in addition to optimising the associated total cost of ownership (TCO).


BABEL helps companies in the distribution sector be more competitive in an increasingly demanding customer-driven environment where operational efficiency and the ability to scale, both in number of operations and territories, without increasing operating spend is a crucial factor for success.

SAP ByD for Whosale Distribution


SAP has created a new strategy in ERP/CRM/Analytics systems for the national companies of large multinational groups. This strategy is implemented with a single solution, SAP Business ByDesign, that aims to satisfy local management needs and objectives whilst maintaining information-consolidation requirements at a regional and/or group level. This new solution supports all business processes under a cloud concept and is licenced through monthly subscription fees calculated on a named-user basis. Its very short implementation time noticeably cuts budget spends on information systems using traditional on-premise models and the roll-out of corporate platforms. It also boosts agility and autonomy in transformation and operational improvement for companies in a national sphere.

SAP ByD for subsidiaries


BABEL helps companies in the professional services sector to create a management model posited on product and service management that optimises the performance of each person involved, bringing visibility and absolute control to key points such as benchmark compliance, revenue planning and recognition, invoicing, cost and expenses allocation, etc.

SAP ByD for Professional Services


BABELS helps companies in the pharmaceutical sector be more efficient and cut their operating costs by providing simple flows present in their value chain, from sales rep initiatives to logistics and administrative processes and right to the heart of production and the supply chain, always guaranteeing the flexibility needed to comply with prevailing sector regulations.

ResearchPoint Runs on SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is built on the latest and best SAP technology, SAP HANA, under a service-oriented architecture that powers:

  • Complete integration across systems and external applications.

  • A simple, customisable user environment.

  • If necessary, we can also develop or acquire dedicated applications that cover the peculiarities of a specific area/process, thanks to our development environment.

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