Office 365

Office 365 is the cloud platform that enables the easy and flexible application of a raft of new work methods to boost productivity, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

It is a complete solution you can log into anytime (24x7), from anywhere and with any endpoint.

In addition to being easy to use, it powers the communication and updating of information with maximum security and availability.

The SaaS format directly saves costs on infrastructure and licences.
  • Reliable
  • Target
  • Use cases
  • Flexible
Office 365 enables the easy and flexible application of a raft of new work methods to boost productivity, knowledge sharing and collaboration:

  • Virtual management tools (Kanban, project management, etc.)
  • Lean meetings: tele-meetings, note sharing, etc.
  • Telework.
  • Collaborative work. Unified project, task, document management, etc.
  • Advanced search options: profiles, conversations, groups, projects, etc.

  • Experts search.
  • Knowledge localisation tools.
  • Enriched user profiles.
  • KPI analysis: contributions, most frequent searches, key knowledge, etc.
  • Bridge-building: interdepartmental communication (services between departments).

  • Employee feedback (department-wide online surveys).
  • Employee recognition programs.
  • Innovation and improvement programs (departmental and corporate).
  • Employee opinion channel: suggestions, new services feedback...

  • Zero emails.
  • Enterprise Social Network (ESN).
  • Instant Messaging.
  • Multi-endpoint.
Any company that aims to improve internal communication, boost productivity and cut costs.
What drives the need to implement a collaborative solution?
  • Growth.
  • Internationalisation.
  • Offshoring of work teams.
  • Boost telework.
  • Facilitate communication.
  • Facilitate mobility.

SharePoint OnlineCreation of business publication and collaboration sites. Also supports the creation of discussion forums, blogs and wikis. 

OneDrive for Business: Synchronisation and offline management of documentation stored in SharePoint and on the user’s personal site.

Exchange Online: Corporate email in the cloud.

Skype for Business: Written and audio/video business communication tool.

Yammer: Enterprise social network.

Outlook Groups: Integration of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and OneNote. 

Microsoft Planner: Adds team task management with Kanban boards to Outlook Groups.

Microsoft Teams: Team workspaces with integrated Groups, Planner and Skype for Business functionality.

Office Delve: New personal site, access to other user profiles, most-used personal documents, favourites, document labelling, etc.

Office 365 Video: Corporate video management and streaming tool.

Skype Meeting Broadcast: Corporate meeting management and outreach tool.

Sway: Responsive web presentation generation tool.

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