Our gamification platform is aimed at the organization of “Q&A” game dynamics, competing both individually and in teams.

It is designed for managing challenge tree schemes with an open configuration, which provides freedom in the design of the game dynamic: dynamics can be created in which all the players respond to all the questions, or every player obtains their own experience; the questions appear in the same order, or the player may organize their strategy by choosing between unblocked challenges, etc.

The game dynamic is implemented on an APP available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which allows for participation and engagement, since the participant can take advantage of their free time from any location with data coverage on their mobile phone. Ranking data can also be consulted using a web interface, offering additional information on the status of the game.

  • Reliable
  • Target
  • Use cases
  • Flexible
  • The definition of challenges and questions are worked on in Excel.

  • The challenges tree accepts any configuration, and allows for the inclusion of “survey”-type questions to collect data from the player.

  • Both the APP and the website are easily adaptable to any design and creative metaphor.

  • Use of the APP is secure and can be restricted to closed groupsAllows for the definition of the team criterion.

Companies that want to introduce new dynamics (change management, broadcasting and awareness-raising, etc.) among its employees through gamification.

  • Training.
  • Strengthening corporate culture and promotion of procedures.
  • Support in change management.
  • Team building. Etc.
Mobile Apps: 
  • Android (local). Developed in Java.

  • iOS (local). Developed in Objective C.

  • Windows Phone. Developed in C# .NET.

Server side and auxiliary websites:
  • REST API Technology (JSON) developed in NodeJS and Javascript with MySQL database.

  • Auxiliary websites developed in Java JSP with Ajax and javascript.

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