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BABEL Products Solutions ePULPO. Iron cubes

ePULPO: GRC for the Public Sector

ePULPO is the GRC solution that provides a comprehensive management of your organization's IT processes and information security.

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  • RGPD
  • ENS
  • SGSI
  • ITIL
  • ISO 20000

Standards compliance support


ISO 20000/ITIL

compliant service management


Information systems are one of the main assets of any organization. IT departments are responsible for ensuring their security, ensuring business continuity in the event of any type of contingency, guaranteeing service and meeting regulatory compliance.

ePULPO is the solution that will allow them to automate and centralise the entire IT security management and compliance process.

The perfect solution to support ENS, RGPD and ISMS compliance (based on ISO 27001), as well as service management in accordance with ISO 20000/ITIL.