Direct Writer

Direct Writer is a new-generation ERP and, thanks to its development environment of continuous integration, it evolves and provides the company with three user models:

  • Advantages
  • Saas / PaaS
  • Branches
  • Functionality
  • Technology
  • Direct Writer reduces implementation times in the company thanks to it project modularity and methodology.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs for the client.
  • The product workshop means that time-to-market in the creation and publishing of products by the company can be improved.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of its business models (Traditional /SaaS/PaaS) Direct Writer adapts to client requirements in every situation.

In the SaaS model, Direct Writer is responsible for everything, parametrisation, maintenance, infrastructures, etc. The company focuses 100% on its business.


The PaaS model offers an SaaS environment for the company, with the necessary tools available to be able to develop and evolve the solution to its business.

Direct Writer is one of the few ERPs in the insurance sector that can manage a Life insurance and a NON Life insurance company.

Direct Writer is a comprehensive management platform for insurance companies covering the whole of the activity and business cycle, from product creation (business rules engine), through to listing and product, to claim and supplier manager, distribution networks, reinsurance, provision calculation, etc.etc.
Thanks to its flexible, modular architecture, Direct Writer is a platform for the comprehensive management of life and non-life and health insurance divisions.



Designed using the latest technologies and with 100% web architecture, Direct Writer concentrates business intelligence in its logic layer and is independent to the Database engine and Front-end layer.