Platform that allows for the creation of communication services (instant messaging/chat, push, sms, voice, multimedia data...) in order to customize and secure corporate needs in interacting with clients and/or employees.

It is a model that can be included within already-existing or new processes which require secure communication and in real time, with a high degree of adaptability and integration.

  • Reliable
  • Target
  • Use cases
  • Flexible
  • Total Control: Installed and managed on the client’s own servers, without the need for third-party platforms.

  • Full Security: All communications and DB data are encrypted.

  • Multi-platform: Availability for Web, iOS and Android.

Any company with the need to establish secure communications internally or with its clients.

  • Private Messaging.

  • Accessory to Business Tools.

  • Call Center Integration.

  • Traceability of user activity.

  • Asynchronous parsing.

The backend module is developed with node.js technology, and there are client modules with HTML5 and Angular.js technologies, as well as local developments in iOS and Android.