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Babel Products Solutions EOS. Radiology of a hand making the OK symbol

EOS medical imaging system for the Principality of Asturias health service

The aim behind the system’s creation and evolution was to foster the uptake of digital technology in the radiology and nuclear medicine services of Spanish hospitals. Healthcare ecosystem interoperability, the use of advanced decision-making tools and integration between the physical and virtual worlds are features of this era of mass information in digital medical imaging and make it necessary to provide technicians and specialists with the right tools to handle service workflows. The outcome is the effective, streamlined and quality diagnosis of studies performed on patients in hospital centres.
A radiological information system (RIS) to manage the workflows of radiodiagnostic and nuclear medicine health services and related imaging circuits. EOS features specific modules for imaging request management, citation, activity registration, exploration reporting, interesting case management, radiopharmacy preparation/administration and data exploitation. EOS can also be integrated with voice recognition tools, hospital information systems (HIS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and image viewers as needed.

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  • IHE
  • HL7
  • PMO
  • RIS
  • PACS
  • HIS

Development and evolution of a proprietary product using web technology with agile methodologies

Implementation across 13 hospitals for 900 direct users and 3,000 indirect clinicians

Third-party app integration (HIS, PACS, viewers…) via standard protocols (HL7, DICOM…)


A health service among the best public healthcare providers in Spain

SESPA, the Principality of Asturias Health Service, has been the public body with the remit for health since the transfer of powers from the former Insalud in Asturias in 2002. It serves over one million inhabitants in eight health areas. The service manages seven public hospitals, six state-subsidised private hospitals with over 3,300 beds in total, 82 health centres and has 15,000-plus employees. It currently generates more than one million imaging tests a year.

We won the tender to implement the RIS-PACS corporate digital imaging system for SESPA in 2005, during a boom in the modernisation of radiodiagnosis systems in Spain, with strong industry competition. In 2010, at the same time as it was rolled out in the HUCA reference hospital, a solution was also provided to the workflow of the Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmacy Unit. It was fully implemented across all health centres by 2013, and has since been maintaining and developing the digital imaging system in the region.

Babel Products Solutions EOS. Team of doctors analyzing an x-ray