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Secure development service natively in the application lifecycle (SSDLC) to guarantee the protection of applications against vulnerabilities and external attacks with the option of establishing a real-time monitoring service detecting and reacting to any attempt to exploit the application.

Interactive vulnerability detection (IAST)

  • Continuous interactive detection of vulnerabilities
  • Solution for all SDLC teams (Development, QA, Security) 
  • No false positives (Only solutions that meets 100% OWASP Benchmark) 
  • Third-party code detection (dependencies)
  • 100% integrable into agile DevSecOps pipelines
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Tools are not everything… but we prefer to use the best.

  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Python
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Java
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo node
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo php
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo .NET