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In an increasingly interconnected world, our information systems are exposed to systematic attempts at fraudulent access in order to steal information, or intellectual or commercial property from our organisation for lucrative purposes. This risk is increasing every day, and we must provide our organisations with cybersecurity strategies and policies to minimise the risks.

At BABEL we recognise the importance of cybersecurity. In this world, overflowing with technology, hyperconnectivity, and an increasing number of devices in our networks, we continue to pursue the goal of making everything simpler, more productive, and giving us maximum control. But…do we stop to think about cybersecurity or the impact a cyberattack would have on our business? We need to be aware of the importance of cybersecurity and proactively and appropriately protect our organisation, to avoid becoming victims of cyberattacks, the number of which is unfortunately growing. Our cybersecurity team works tirelessly to offer a wide range of solutions to help provide peace of mind for our clients.






Nessus, OpenVas, Acunetix, Fortify, MetasploitPRO, BurpSuite, Script Propios

Integrated protection from possible cyberattacks

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Protecting today’s systems and networks requires a extensive understanding of attack strategies, social engineering methodologies, and in-depth knowledge of the tactics and tools used by malware hackers.

We use ethical hacking techniques to perform attempted access tests to identify, analyse and repair potential vulnerabilities, effectively preventing fraudulent access to the systems involved.

We base our work on extensively supported methodologies and standards so that the work can be carried out systematically and orderly, ensuring the full review of our goals (infrastructure and networks, software and/or hardware).

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Tools are not everything… but we prefer to use the best.

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