Specialized Centres 

BABEL has an independent software development and maintenance service that is based on a series of Specialized Centres connected together offering a comprehensive service, providing coverage to different needs that arise in the Digital Transformation process.
Excellence in managing their products is grounded in the experience of its managers, the collaboration of multi-disciplinary profiles, methodological training of its teams and the use of management tools for project monitoring and control.
BABELcreativa (BBC)
We offer a universal response, minimizing the distance between the idea and its implementation.
BABELcreativa is a unit specialized in creativity, design, communication and user experience (UX). It helps the project throughout the life cycle, offering comprehensive service. 
  • Conceptualization and design of ideas
  • Development of communication strategies
  • User experience design
  • Creation of multimedia infographics
  • SEO positioning
Portfolio BABELcreativa
Mobility Development Centre (MDC)
Mobility goes beyond the use of mobile devices.
The Mobility Development Centre is a service dedicated to analysing and developing Mobility apps, both native and hybrid This Centre provides an end-to-end global vision, covering everything from the conceptualization and understanding of the context of use, up to the development and subsequent maintenance and operation.
  • Re-engineering of Processes
  • Technical Architecture
  • Development and Maintenance of Apps (Native, Hybrid, Mobile Website)
  • Integration with Business Apps
  • Comprehensive design+development solution
Applications Support Centre (ASC)
Expert teams to tackle fast developments in a reliable and profitable way, guaranteed.
The business App Maintenance Centre is oriented towards providing a productive, efficient and highly available productive service based on the permanence of knowledge and intensive usage of methods and tools. This is possible thanks to three key points:
  • Ongoing corrective maintenance with a high level of availability
  • Technical and functional support
  • Fast developments
Content Manager Development Centre (CMDC)
Specialization is key for a productive, high-quality service.
The Content Manager Development Centre is a centre specialized in the analysis and development of web apps using both Content Management platforms as well as ad-hoc apps.We cover development to maintenance of web solutions: Company portals, intranet, extranet, e-commerce, e-learning, corporate social networks...

Infrastructure and Service Management Centre (ISMC)
The objective of this centre is to ensure the operation of any End-to-End service (E2E).
In order to provide a global solution to its clients, BABEL has an Infrastructure and Services Management Centre (ISMC), an ITO centre specialized in ICT infrastructures and services operation. The Centre is set up to work under the new DevOps paradigm, making available to the development areas an entire series of capabilities and tools in order to facilitate real continuous integration. The Centre participates in:
  • The design and dimensioning of the architectures.
  • Carrying out capacity, performance and security studies.
  • Specialized support in the development areas.
  • Resolving issues in the environments prior to production.
  • Optimizing and automating production phases.

Within the new areas of knowledge and specialization, the centre stands out for its experience in technologies related to the creation, management and operation of micro-services, using technologies in app containerization (docker, kubernetes) and management of large volumes of nodes (mesos, zookeeper).
SharePoint Centre (CSH)
Specialization is a guarantee of high quality and performance in project development.
SharePoint Center is a development center specializing entirely in SharePoint, able to successfully execute the projects with the required expectations. A high performance team articulated under the supervision of team leaders certified experts in this technology, totaling more than 30 years of experience with SharePoint.

Centralized dedication on this content management product and the collaboration with other centers of BABEL, ensure the best care and the best effort to ensure software quality and work efficiency.