Software Integration

We provide a wide spectrum of systems integration services thanks to our knowledge of the business functions of various industries and our management capabilities and execution of highly complex projects.
  • Sector-based solutions: We maintain a powerful partnering program (Digital Hub) that lets us enter into partnerships and build on them with a significant network of important technology and business partners.
  • Low-Code: We are partners of OutSystems, the #1 low-code platform to build apps quickly and productively.
  • SAP: We are committed to SAP cloud solutions, where we partners on services and development. Our services include: consulting, development, integration and maintenance.
  • Microsoft: We have been Microsoft partners since we began and he have a proven track record on the entire life cycle of cloud and on-premise solutions, including: Architecture, Design and Development, Continuous deployment circuits, Monitoring and operation of different environments.
  • Blockchain: We are part of Alastria, the first multi-sector consortium to establish a semi-public Blockchain/DLT infrastructure in the Spanish sphere and in accordance with European regulations.

Case Studies