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Involucrados con el negocio de Involved with the OMIE business since it was established in January 1998.desde su inicio, en enero de 1998

Since OMIE began operating in the Spanish electricity market, we have been there, providing support through numerous projects and initiatives. And we want to remain an important part of their history.

+22 years

of uninterrupted collaboration

1,200 registered

market players

+40,000,000 offers

in the daily, processed

We have helped shape the business since it was established in 1998

On 1 January 1998, the date of liberalisation of the Spanish electricity market, OMIE began to operate as an organisation. It set wholesale electricity prices for each hour for Spain and Portugal, trading in the daily, intraday auction and continuous intraday market. Since then, we have been present in its history, developing and maintaining the information system that makes this trading possible.