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Utilities and Energy. Enel

Helping improve the electricity distribution process to supply points

We are at the dawn of a new energy era in which people are connected and have the opportunity to interact. BABEL has the chance to engage in this new challenge, spearheading several major projects for ENEL eDistribution.

Comprehensive support of the eDistribution smart metering network

that covers 12.3 million customers in Spain (21 million inhabitants) located in 27 provinces (10 regions)

Global maintenance and monitoring

of the smart meter network (+12 million) and hubs (+140 thousand) deployed in the field in Spain

Equipment in continuous growth

currently 36 technical profiles engaging in ongoing projects

Expertise at the core of the smart metering network

BABEL provides eDistribution Network Technology with a comprehensive support service for the smart metering network throughout Spain, LATAM and Romania. Through the execution of various projects since 2017 we have been involved in network maintenance, optimisation and evolution, above all by performing equipment and firmware approval activities, optimisation of algorithms and network operation processes, network monitoring and sensorisation, advanced support and incident resolution and support provision for the onsite installation of new equipment.