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 Babel Utilities and Energy Canal Isabel II. Detail of the Invoices screen of the Client Area of ​​the Canal de Isabel II website
Energy and Utilities. Canal Isabel II

GRECO commercial system. Proud to do our bit in managing a vital water resource

From the outset we have worked closely with our client on the development and implementation of their Commercial Relationship Management System (GRECO), and we continue to do so, maintaining, evolving it and improving it for the benefit of all.

1,200,000 active customers

70,000 communications a day

+1,200 internal professionals


20 years working with Canal de Isabel II, providing value through our professionals.

20 years ago, we embarked on a journey with Canal de Isabel II, with the difficult challenge of adding value within the context of a business of vital importance for the sustainability of the planet, namely the management of a such a scarce resource as water.

We did this by assisting and supporting Canal in its idea of building a system that would support its entire commercial management, streamlining the process both internally, for its employees, and for its customers.