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BABEL Transports Iberia. A plane of Iberia in the sky
Transport. Iberia

IBERIA. At the forefront of the air transport industry

Definition, planning and implementation of the Core process transformation plan at IBERIA.

Definition of technology architecture

Backend infrastructure development

Technical consulting


Participation in the defining and development of core processes

IBERIA is an airline operating around 400,000 flights a year and approximately 25 million passengers, and it belongs to the IAG GBS Group. This group was created following the merger of British Airways and IBERIA, with other companies having now joined the group such as Aer Lingus, Iberia Express, Vueling, Level, etc. IBERIA relies on BABEL for the digital transformation of its business, and our work with them started in 2013 and now focuses primarily on four different areas, the main one being agile management and development within the internet and mobile channels. We also play an extremely active role in the architecture and development of the NDC (New Distribution Capability) platform as a new sales channel. Thirdly is the entire DiT (Digital Transformation) area, where we take part in the company's most innovative projects, such as BOTs, biometric boarding, etc. Lastly, we work on different projects related to the Loyalty area, which is closely linked to the "AVIOS" concept and its management with customers. IBERIA is amidst an Agile transformation process and has commissioned BABEL to support and assist them in this process by providing variety and experience in the type of profiles, as well as the expertise required to complete core projects for the client’s business.