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Babel Transports ENAIRE.  Airport runway
Transport. ENAIRE

ENAIRE: new air navigation management for an infinite future space

BABEL works with the Enaire Communications department to develop internal and external communications for the new Organisation.

BABEL acts as a catalyst for new ideas, placing them as the organisation that is at the forefront of this new airspace.

Design and conceptualisation of the new website and intranet image of Enaire

+4,000 employees working together over its intranet

Continuous improvement work model for its website

based on web tracking

Communication strategy: Management of a new airspace

In 2014, Enaire was created as a result of the segregation of air navigation activities and airports, thus creating two new brands, Enaire and Aena. This followed the regulatory initiative of the Single European Sky and the provision of air navigation services. In addition to this were the competition liberalisation processes, which meant that Enaire had to become an international air navigation service operator on both a European and global level.

Babel Transports ENAIRE. An airplane flying over the sky

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