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Digitisation, simplification and efficiency for the Telecom industry

BABEL's journey at Telefónica began in 1988, assisting in the transformation of information systems that have constantly evolved right up to the present day.

Through our experience in business, network and systems, operations and maintenance, we support some of the most prominent products and services for the 344 million customers spread around the 12 countries in which the Telefónica group operates.

+40 million

SIMs in IoT / M2M products and services

+6 countries

providing multi-language services (Spanish, English, German and Portuguese)

+100 professionals

committed to and in line with group goals

We assist in the transformation towards the telco of the future

We have worked for Telefónica for more than a thirty years (sic), taking part in its entire transformation process. We begin with development of BSS and OSS systems, providing support over the years in the evolution of some of the most relevant domains, such as Provision for businesses or the Fault and Dispatch domain. Everything in an ever-changing organisation, new business, network and IT structures, and even merging them into one team, GCTIO, in search of efficiency and the highest customer satisfaction. Some of the most relevant projects:

  • Regulated services, such as subscriber data management for CMT
  • Multi-service fault management
  • Contract and billing management for businesses
  • Development and evolution of the Telefónica Smart City platform
  • Development and operating of the SDN solution for businesses

Big Data for business growth

In 2017, we began offering Professional Big Data Services as part of the LUCA project for the entire life cycle of data, from intake to its exploitation, in accordance with use cases, including data governance and modelling and visualisation through Dashboards, KPIs, As a Service, databases, etc.

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