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Insurance. Tirea

Innovation and continuous improvement for the insurance sector

BABEL plays a very important role as a partner of TIREA in guaranteeing the insurance business through its sector-based initiatives in cooperation, regulations, standards, communications and technology.

Our experience and agility in systems design, development and integration services guarantee critical functions for the 100-plus entities and companies in the sector supporting TIREA.

+13 years

as partners

+70 projects

and services for insurers

+100 entities

integrated into business and technology

Sector-based collaboration

In line with the cross-sectoral approach and service vocation of TIREA, our projects require the participation of and collaboration with several players from the insurance ecosystem, such as brokerage firms, public bodies (DGT, Insurance Compensation Consortium), sector-based organisations (UNESPA), and the leading insurance companies in the Spanish market, such as MAPFRE, Mutua Madrileña, AXA, Pelayo, Caser or Liberty.

Babel Seguros Tirea. Un equipo de trabajo reunido visto desde arriba

Data and security

Data processing and security is at the forefront of the projects we undertake for TIREA. We work on the integration of services and data with other ecosystem entities (insurers, brokerage firms, public bodies, third-party services, etc.), applying best practices in the field of secure development and file management (SQL injection, SSL, authentication, session management, cryptographic storage, cross-site encryption, etc.).

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