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BABEL Insurance MAPFRE. A red bridge
Insurance. Mapfre

The largest insurance group in Spain relies on us

BABEL has been trusted by MAPFRE for over 25 years. Our response to its IT needs, with agile, effective solutions, is the foundations for a close, lasting relationship.

18,000 BPM platform users

4,000 visits each day

3.5M processes a year

8M tasks completed

26 countries


The webMethods digital platform integrates systems and processes from throughout MAPFRE, increasing scalability to support global operations, and improving the performance and benefits of management systems

In the digital age, insurance companies need to modernise and optimise their business. MAPFRE’s response: to enhance the use of technology in each process of its business units and in its central operational management system. Our work with MAPFRE has meant that it now has advanced process analysis and management technology that enables it to manage tasks and track each request, see who is working on it, and shorten processing time. It can measure and control business operations by monitoring indicators, with an integrated architecture that eliminates dependency on physical documentation and allows for integration with back office systems. Improved processes. Enhanced collaboration. And the ability to serve more customers, more efficiently, wherever the business expands around the world.

  • Full integration cycle between business and technology: design and analysis with the power of ARIS, process automation, task management and application integration with webMethods

  • Key benefits: End-to-end visibility to identify bottlenecks, improve system response time, and improve business-IT alignment