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Promoting the omnichannel strategy with digital experiences

We assist CASER in the three mainstays of its strategic plan, digital transformation, the customer at the heart of the organisation, and distribution excellence.

A large insurance group

with an excellent workforce of over 5,000 people and 2,200 brokers working closely with policyholders

In 2019, CASER expanded its product portfolio

by adding innovative insurance policies that anticipate the needs of society

+11,000 visits per day

through its main digital asset

We promote the digital channels of CASER with new digital experiences

As in any organisation, the development of a plan involves implementing different programmes, and the leverage for establishing the customer at the heart of the organisation is achieved through a roadmap based on improving digital experiences.

Our work with CASER in developing its main digital assets is based on collaboration of trust, close to the business, providing human and technological resources to face challenges in the design of scalable architectures and improvement of the user experience, with the main focus on the speed of delivery of value and efficiency by the team.

We collaborate in their programmes to achieve success in the digitisation and redesign of the customer journey, streamlining interaction by the policyholder in a more omnichannel manner, and providing a homogeneous experience supported by the breakthrough of technology. 

Increase in contracts through digital channels

In a demanding world, the aspects that tell us apart are the range of solutions, which is why CASER is working on paving the way and offering different services and solutions to meet needs. After creating the different services and solutions, we must bear in mind that distribution must be promoted, and that digital channels are and will remain one of the main driving forces behind the fostering of sales, promoting traditional businesses, bank-insurance, the business of agents and brokers, and the attracting of key accounts, all providing new business opportunities. 

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