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Babel Security and Defense Prosegur. A Prosegur security guard with her back turned
Security and Defense. Prosegur

Innovating in corporate private security operations

We help Prosegur revolutionise operational security management and provide its customers with real-time information on any new features on their premises, as well as analytical indicators that enable them to make strategic decisions.

+100,000 users

+14 countries

+ Employee & Customer Centric


The POPS internal messaging system keeps all members of the network created for an operation up to date

Prosegur decided to overhaul its management systems that were relatively inflexible and expensive to maintain. Making a virtue of the requirement, it conducted a Design Thinking exercise, engaging and placing its customers and employees at the centre of the solution.

POPS offers customers real-time notifications of any relevant new developments occurring on their premises, as well as reports with all daily operations and scorecards with aggregate indicators of the services contracted and heat maps of the most hazardous areas.

POPS provides its employees with a two-way channel in which they can record and notify with Global Operations Centre in real time of any news and receive warnings from it of possible risks.

Optimal user experience has been key to Prosegur’s trust in BABEL to implement these projects

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ComputerWorld 2019 Security Innovation Award
ComputerWorld 2019 Security Innovation Award for its POPS platform