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Social Security and Employment. SEPE

We collaborate actively in the integrated management of benefits and subsidies

We provide our expertise to the areas of management and technology. Our collaboration is based on our in-depth knowledge of benefits and subsidies, and their related management.

+2M benefits and subsidies

managed every year

+30 years’ experience

+25 expert consultants

in Benefits and Subsidies

Management Support

BABEL’s accumulated knowledge and experience of unemployment benefits and subsidies make it a benchmark in the sector.

We support management areas in the defining of requirements, liaising with technology areas, promoting process analysis and improvement, and providing technical support in relations with other bodies. In short, we are not just another provider; and our aim is to be our client’s partner, based on peace of mind and trust that provide sustainable excellent results.

Technological support

We also help in development projects related to benefits, heading initiatives in this area such as the defining, implementation and development of new applications for the recognition of benefits, control of undue payments, or the most critical applications such as the payment of benefits.

We also provide groups of experts on the different technologies supporting the core of benefit systems in relation to major systems. 

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