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Babel Health Quirón. Sanitary holding a heart made of cardboard
Health and Care. Quirón Group

Transforming prevention and medical services in the health sector

We support the Quirón group on its path towards digital transformation, where the implementation of business cases along with innovative technologies has enabled it to establish new digital experiences. For both patients, through quality services and comprehensive care, and companies, ensuring the health and safety of the people working in them.

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2020, Launch of the Quirónsalud digital business

+ 8,000 daily check-ups managed

+150 grupos empresariales


We transform Quironprevención processes to ensure employee health and safety

Within Quirónprevención, we have transformed the workflow of prevention as of hiring. Using the benefits of technology, we support the creation of specific medical programmes and then streamline the process of appointments and admissions in centres where medical examinations and laboratory tests are performed and reflected in medical reports.

The advent of technology and new medical devices appears to facilitate and provide greater health information, and the integration capabilities of BABEL in existing processes make these solutions increase end-customer satisfaction.

The contribution of a large technological team linked to a business team makes it easier to deliver results in a moving sector capable of dealing with crises such the Covid-19 pandemic.

In turn, we transform the processes for the management of medical data and documents for the coordination of professional activities of employees and teams into more than 150 business groups with over 10,000 companies. 

We are partners in the digital business strategy of Quirónsalud

For Quironsalud, we have designed the strategy for the launch of its online platform for the marketing of medical services, providing a significant benchmark of digital health service platforms, and considering all key aspects in terms of technology, digital marketing, CRM, organisation and processes.

And we have helped make this new digital business line become a reality, with the technological development and implementation of eCommerce, including all the products and services required, and integration into the healthcare centre management systems.

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