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Babel Health Principality of Asturias . Doctor directed x-ray on his computer
Health and Care. Principality of Asturias Health Service

Digitally transforming hospital services

Digital innovation in hospital medical imaging, radiodiagnosis and nuclear medicine services to adapt them to the new reality of interoperability, continued care, precision medicine, radiomics, and artificial intelligence. The main goal is to solve the complexity of current and future medicine.

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3300-bed hospitals


Health Service among the best public healthcare services in Spain

SESPA, or the Principality of Asturias Health Service, is the public body that has managed healthcare issues since its transfer of powers in 2002 from the former Insalud of the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias, with over one million inhabitants distributed across eight health areas. It manages seven public hospitals, six state-subsidised private hospitals with over 3,300 beds in total, 82 health centres and a workforce of over 15,000 employees. It currently generates more than one million imaging tests a year.

Software AG was able to implement the corporate digital imaging system RIS-PACS for SESPA in 2005, during the boom in the modernisation of radiodiagnosis systems in Spain, with strong competition in the sector. In 2010, at the same time as the implementation in the hospital of reference HUCA, an solution was also provided to the workflow of the Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmacy Unit. It was fully implemented in all health centres by 2013, and has since been maintaining and developing the digital imaging system in the region.

We are the only provider of the healthcare ecosystem to have been implementing its imaging solution in all SESPA hospitals since 2005.

We have managed to unify access to imaging throughout the entire region.

We are the trusted partner for new initiatives in the field of digital medical imaging by SESPA, such as the expansion of telemedicine, the incorporation of circuits from other imaging services, and the development of clinical tools.

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