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Babel Health and Care DKV. Detail of a doctor interacting with a mobile
Health and Care. DKV

BABEL provides its expertise in technology and health insurance

Digitisation is one of the company’s strategic mainstays, and BABEL provides advanced technical advice and actively collaborates in the operations and managed services supporting the business and the prevention, care and wellbeing processes. 

40,000 medical specialists

1,000 health centres

New online medical consultation services


New technology architectures, quality and agility

More information:
  • BABEL's collaboration provides DKV with valuable services, thanks to our experience in digital health and in the insurance business. From a functional viewpoint, we provide DKV with all our capabilities in the recruitment, group management, reimbursement and medical authorisation cycles.
  • We provide support for new technology architectures, defining innovative approaches that help improve the organisation’s information systems, minimising their maintenance, increasing service quality, and applying best practices in usability and accessibility.
  • Thanks to the quality of the work and diligence of our teams, DKV relies on BABEL to develop its health insurance business with new projects, such as the commercial lifecycle, digitisation of documents, management of partnering portals and authorisation portal.