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 Babel Industry Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin store interior
Industry. Leroy Merlin

Helping in the construction and production of integration architectures

We have been helping make the top company bigger by developing the concept of a large department store specialising in home refurbishment in Spain since 1989.

+330,000 product references

126 million in-store visits and 129 million online store visits

+ 1,800 suppliers


Agility in integration architectures

An extremely dynamic organisation with a multi-channel vocation and extensive product range requires constant integration under the requisites of robustness and high availability.

The dynamic nature of the organisation inevitably shifts to information systems, which involve the most innovative technologies and trends at any given time.

Providing integration solutions and supporting them to ensure the continuity of the operation is part of the capabilities and experiences with which BABEL seeks to bring value to society.