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Remaining committed to digitisation

With the technological avant-garde as a basis and distinguishing feature, we help in digital transformation at all points of the Cosentino value chain (a company that produces and distributes innovative, high-value surfaces for design and architecture).

8 production plants

14 natural stone quarries, and 19 processing plants

Smart logistics centre

including an automatic warehouse capable of storing up to 300,000 surfaces, and a preparation capacity of over 6,600 panels every 9 hours on sea or land shipping frames

Distribution to more than 110 countries

and commercial presence in 40 countries (30 with its own facilities)

We are present throughout the client’s value chain (from production to distribution)

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In recent years, Cosentino has made great strides in developing new ways of interacting with partners, customers and employees, betting heavily on digitisation. As a result, as a technology partner BABEL provides Cosentino with an integrated service for the development of digital solutions that generate value for the company, highlighting:

  • Digital engagement with its business partners (B2B)
  • Customer engagement and loyalty (B2C)
  • Digitisation of its internal business processes
  • Digital presentation of its products
  • Every-day optimisation of company employees
  • We integrate core business systems

Our work with Cosentino in its Digital Transformation process brings together development teams applying the latest technologies and the strongest, most scalable architectures, user experience recommendations and, above all, alignment with deadlines and goals to make a competitive difference and position it in the sector.