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Digital Government. Regional Government of Andalusia

Building the Digital Regional Government of Andalusia

BABEL is a state-of-the-art technology partner of the Regional Government of Andalusia, with which we have been working since 2007 on the development and implementation of the Autonomous Community’s Digital Regional Government. We are continuously generating value for various public bodies, and focus on transferring this value to citizens, the true and only objective of digital public policies.


+13 years

assisting the Regional Government of Andalusia

+100 projects

implemented in the Andalusian Public Sector

+120 professionals

in our Seville office

More than 13 years working for the Digital Government of Andalusia

The Regional Government of Andalusia is the self-governing institution of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, the most highly populated region in Spain. It is structured around 250 public bodies with over 270,000 direct employees and jointly managing a budget of over €36 billion. These measures implement Andalusian public policies in a wide range of devolved powers for a population of over 8.4 million people (18% of the total for Spain).

These public policies promoted by the Regional Government of Andalusia include the establishing of a real Advanced Digital Government for Andalusian citizens, a goal which has been developing since the creation of the Regional Government of Andalusia itself, through the joint and continuous activities of various bodies in the Andalusian public sector.

BABEL has been a technological partner of the Regional Government of Andalusia in the transformation of the Regional Government itself and of Andalusian society since the Seville Office opened in 2007 up to the present day. Over the course of these 13 years, BABEL has implemented more than 100 projects in various bodies of the Regional Government of Andalusia, especially the work performed in the following:

  • Department of Finance, Industry and Energy
  • Department of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration
  • Department of the Presidency, Public Administration and Internal Affairs
  • Department of Employment, Training and Self-Employment
  • Department of Health and Families
  • Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development
  • Department of Culture and Historical Heritage
  • Andalusian Health Service
  • Andalusian Society for the Development of Telecommunications
  • Andalusian Public Administration Institute
  • Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Organic Production Research and Training
  • Andalucía Emprende, Andalusian Public Foundation
  • Progress and Health Foundation

Babel Electronic Administration Junta de Andalucia. An elderly woman lying on a sofa interacting with a laptop