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Babel Banking Bankia. Image of one of the Kio towers in Madrid
Banking. Bankia

We promote digital operations by sharing the client’s challenges and business goals

BABEL works with Bankia on its digital strategy, participating in the renewal of its Channels for its retail customers and for the self-employed and businesses. Creating higher-value products and operations, many of them 100 % online.

9 out of 10 in satisfaction

of the bank’s services by its customers

+3.7M digital customers

Top 3 with an AAA rating by Aquanima in Business Banking (April 2020)

Top 3 with an AA rating by Aquanima in Private Banking (April 2020)

Full alignment with customer needs in order to meet business goals

Over recent years, BANKIA has made great efforts to developing digital channels, focusing on digitisation to serve its customers as and when they wish. Bankia customers can perform their normal operations through the digital channels without having to go to their branch. In addition, Bankia has set up a virtual branch for SMEs and the self-employed through new updates on its online platform for companies and the launch of a digital channel specialising in the self-employed. Our work with Bankia in developing its online banking brings together development teams applying the latest technologies and the strongest, most scalable architectures, user experience recommendations and, above all, alignment with deadlines and goals to make a competitive difference and position it in the sector. The analyses included in the processes also allow for continuous improvement actions to be applied, resulting in end customer satisfaction.

  • The multi-channel strategy of Bankia remains a key element in the current situation. As a result, digital sales reached 40.2 % of total group sales in 2020, and 55.3 % of group customers operate through digital channels.
  • Continuous Delivery, continuous integration, etc., in order to provide the customer with maximum value.