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Tax Administration. JCCM

An integrated tax management model in Castilla-La Mancha

BABEL has worked with the Department of Public Finance and Administration in all stages of implementation of its Integrated Tax Model. Together we have seen our tax management framework evolve as we implemented the tax management project, which was adapted every day in line with the new needs and technological challenges currently required by the Digital Administration.

All local taxes can be managed online

Mobile payment of all rates and taxes

+ 450,000 documents paid/submitted online every year


The importance of having a good system to be able to manage efficiently

Among other functions and competencies, the Directorate-General for Taxation and Gambling Regulation is responsible for the management, coordination and support of the application of local taxes and those assigned by the State, and oversees inspection, collection management, and relations with the State administration regarding taxes. In addition, with regard to casinos, gambling and betting within the scope of the Community, it grants authorisations for the installation and operating, approval and authorisation, and registering of gambling machines and materials, and imposes penalties for any breaches.

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