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SIFCO Reporting Systems for Enagás

SIFCO Reporting Systems for Enagás

SIFCO (Information System for Billing and Consumption in the gas sector) is an application of the Comisión Nacional de la Energía [National Energy Commission] (currently part of the CNMC), which allows the gas system to inform the Administration of their bills and consumption.

BABEL has created a system that organises and collects data from the different corporate systems at Enagás in order to structure it in accordance with the requested data sheet format and send the information to the CNE primarily on a monthly basis. This system collects historical data that has been sent and allows the user to search and resend it.

Some advantages

Productivity: Greater productive capacity by elimintating manual tasks.

Cost savings: Early error detection and reduced sanctions.

Data quality: Greater control over the information and better data security.

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