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Babel Lowcode Prosegur. A security staff with the logo of Prosegur
Lowcode. Prosegur

Prosegur Operational Security Platform. Unification, integration and high value in 18 months

Design, construction and implementation of a system for the full operational management of all surveillance and technology services at Prosegur Seguridad, offering customers a real-time vision with aggregate analysis of what is happening in their facilities. 

  • SAFE
  • UX

MVP in 3 months

in Production

Single system

in 5 languages in 14 countries

+100.000 users


The leading multinational physical security company

Prosegur wanted to transform itself from a group of surveillance companies in different countries to a company with unified processes, providing its customers with real-time operational information on what was happening in their facilities, as well as aggregated information to make strategic decisions.

Babel Lowcode Prosegur. Imagen ilustrativa de Pops con un robot e isotipo de outsystems

POPS is now deployed in eight countries with more than 50,000 internal users, with 14 countries and more than 120,000 users by the end of 2020. It is one of the best service sales tools for Prosegur

  1. 01

    POPS entered into Production on 01/01/2019

    Designing, building and deploying the MVP in production in three months was the first major challenge. A working method was established, and several architecture modules were built and will then be used in the different releases. In addition, the high productivity achieved with a low-code platform such as OutSystems was certified.

  2. 02

    Single, multi-country, multi-language platform

    POPS is currently being used in ten countries. It is a single instance in which a tenant has been created for each country. Therefore, any update or addition of a new function becomes available to all users worldwide, while settings and business data are location-specific.

  3. 03

    Shortening times and growing in value

    POPS is developing well beyond its initial design. As new modules are used, new ideas emerge for obtaining much more value with small evolutions. From the outset, POPS has been seen as a different tool, thus becoming a very valuable asset in generating revenue. The modular and reusable architecture built provides very tight delivery times, while the established life-cycle model ensures safe production.


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