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Babel Páginas Amarillas development in a PC screen
Multi-experience Development. Páginas Amarillas BeeDigital

How to modernise business in a scalable way

Transforming to help transform. The business portal and its main service, BeeDIGITAL, gives companies back control of their business and content.

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Development of a new portal

for business

Multi-platform application Development of native apps

Business management assistance


A company looking for its new site

Páginas Amarillas was a benchmark in the management of marketing and advertising for small and medium-sized enterprises at a time when paper directories were the best (and only) way of locating companies. With the internet revolution and the emergence of new, more global competitors, their value offering has had to be refocused on the internet and mobility. However, it is not a case of simply adapting the current product by making it visible on the Internet (as if it were another channel), but it must also adapt its business models.

Babel Desarrollo Multiexperiencia Paginas Amarillas BeeDigital. Escritorio con varios dispositivos con la pantalla de la aplicación BeeDigital

Find out about the result

  1. 01

    Online management

    Of the business data and a self-service portal for efficient operations

  2. 02

    Improved interaction between users and businesses

    Through mechanisms such as instant messaging, business evaluations and comments, as well as login via social networks.

  3. 03

    Strengthening the image

    Conveying more modernity to its customers through new subscription-based services

  4. 04

    Real time

    Instant information on what is happening with the business through a customised notifications system

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