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Babel Multiexperience Development Marsh. Design of one of the screens of the Marsh mobile application
Multi-experience Development. Marsh

Improving policyholder service processes and experience in business clients on digital media

Functional and technological redesign of the FrontEnd and BackEnd of the Insurance Wallet application, which provides telephone assistance from a manager and self-service via internet or mobile for the policyholders of Marsh & McLennan business partners.


9 months

of collaborative work

18 remote


3 releases

to production

The leading global consulting, insurance brokerage and risk management company

Insurance Wallet is the main digital tool of Marsh & McLennan for managing the operations of the American Express insurance business. The application administers around 400,000 policies with a monthly growth of 2,000 policies, as well as claims from policyholders that amount to 3,000 per month.

They are currently entering into negotiations with business partners such as Scotiabank and Falabella.

BABEL won the tender for the agile implementation of the operational improvements to the BackOffice portal, the change in the image of the policyholder portal, and changes in the architecture and functions to manage its different business clients.

Babel Multiexperience Development Marsh. Mockups with mobile and desktop application

Insurance Wallet, a digital platform for the management of insurance business operations

  1. 01

    Improving policyholder services

  2. 02

    Improving claim handling processes

  3. 03

    Improving the endorsement handling and policy change processes

  4. 04

    Adding functions

    for the insurance operations of different business clients and their policyholders.