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Babel Digital API Management Banco Santander. Imagen vectorial de varias personas consumiendo información en diferentes soportes
API Management. Santander Consumer Bank GmbH

APIfication of mobile and online banking

Definition and design of APIs for the client or future client, focused on one single use by the different platforms for the management of private banking. All APIs are used indifferently by both the private website and the end user’s mobile apps.

  • API
  • REST
Babel Digital API Management Banco Santander.  Diseño de la aplicación del Banco Santander para móvil y escritorio

Find out about the result

  1. 01

    Graph-based design

    Redesign of Consumer business processes with flowcharts using ARIS, which are transferred and formed into APIs using the IBM API Connect stack

  2. 02

    Unified architecture

    Service and microservice-based architecture with Node-Red. The same APIs provide web and mobile services.

  3. 03

    Security and control

    Development of control policies using IBM API Connect that cut runtime even before service, thus avoiding unnecessary calls.

  4. 04

    Continuous improvement

    Consistent results, the rest of the bank is still being APIfied, such as everything related to Self-Service.


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